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Gracia Shin 2019. 9. 12. 23:36

From 2017 to 2019, Shin worked as a volunteer member (a.k.a. Friends) of the publicity team at Seoul Performing Arts Company, the musical theatre company under the Ministry of Culture in Korea. She researched the context of their productions and published them on the online publicity platform. In 2018, she publicized Geumranbang, the musical about a cross-dressing storyteller during the Joseon dynasty, who told about women’s stories and their experience as a queer woman in disguise. The followings are the productions Shin publicized as a volunteer member and the url: 



Shooting at the Moon, Yun Dong-ju

Along with the Gods: The Afterworld

The Seven Bastards

Good-bye, Yi-sang



Along with the Gods: The Afterworld

Over the Border

Darwin Young, The Origin of Evil




Shooting at the Moon, Yun Dong-ju


Along with the Gods: This World


서울예술단 : 네이버 포스트

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