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Monthly Theater: Iseonjwa (월간 이선좌) 본문

Monthly Theater

Monthly Theater: Iseonjwa (월간 이선좌)

Gracia Shin 2016. 7. 13. 00:36

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Post-colonial theatres of South Korea

Local Audiences of South Korea

Women in South Korean theatre

     The Project Monthly Theater : Iseonjwa was started to archive reviews, responses and thoughts of audiences on contemporary theatres in Korea. Editors of Iseonjwa believe that every response of audiences is valuable as it is; and are recording them to show that audiences are also a part of theatre who can THINK.

    Any kind of manuscript contribution is cordially welcomed: academic review, novella, artwork, music piece, photograph, costume play and e.t.c. Guidelines of a manuscript are not fixed. It is all up to the creator of a manuscript. We do NOT own any copyright of manuscripts we archived. The copyright belongs to the CREATOR. We archive manuscripts only from the creator's voluntary contribution.


     If you have any question to Iseonjwa, please contact us via twitter (@monthly_theater) or email (       

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