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Gamugeuk Early Spring Late Winter (이른 봄 늦은 겨울) 본문

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Gamugeuk Early Spring Late Winter (이른 봄 늦은 겨울)

Gracia Shin 2016. 7. 13. 09:40

Musical Early Spring Late Winter (이른 봄 늦은 겨울). Seoul Performing Arts Company. Book and Lyrics by Samsik Bae. Music by Cheolhwan Kim. Directed by Dowan Yim. Arko Art Theater, Daehakro Seoul, Korea. 27 March 2015.

Synopsis and further info.:

Early Spring Late Winter tells various omnibus stories about existences on a border, using plum blossom as a literary device. An elderly couple who stand on the boundary of life and death, futile beauty of plum blossom on the boundary of early spring and late winter, life that fades away so soon as plum blossom, the transitional moment when children grow up: these scenes cherish and miss the precious moment in between. 

        This kind of sentiment is expressed through various theatrical elements that also are in boundary. Early Spring Late Winter is hard to be defined as “musical”; it is in between of musical play and dance performance. Also, it is not clear whether this performance sets themselves in contemporary period or some period in past. The exact venue is also not specified in this performance. Genre of music that expresses theme of this performance is quite mixed, either.

With these kinds of expressions that support the theme (or the sentiment) of the performance, Early Spring Late Winter actively invites audiences into the mysterious experience on the stage. This performance begins with spectators entering into a museum that exhibits plum blossom artworks; and ends with spectators looking around the artworks, which works as an outer frame of this whole performance. Behind them, other characters from omnibus stories of inner frame playfully parade away from the stage, trying to be unnoticed by spectators (just as playing hide-and-seek). These spectators share in common with audience who are also watching this whole performance of plum blossom. This relevance leaves a playful impression that this fantasy on the stage may also have actually existed behind audiences, being unnoticed just as the characters from inner frame did on the stage.

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