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Profile: Seoul Performing Arts Company (SPAC)

Gracia Shin 2016. 7. 13. 10:00

Seoul Performing Arts Company (SPAC) is the national performing arts organization under the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Korea, originally established for the cultural exchange between North and South Korea along with international events (esp. 88 Seoul Olympics). Since 1986, they are producing home-grown performances of Korean traditional contents. SPAC is often known to the public as a musical theatre company like Seoul Metropolitan Musical Theatre(SMMT), but SPAC defines their performance as gamugeuk(歌舞劇). According to Hye-jin Jeong, the former art director of SPAC, gamuguek seeks the root of their theatre(劇) from traditional Korean performing arts of music(歌) and dance(舞). It sounds similar to the definition of the musical theatre, but they say that their choice of the term gamugeuk is to highlight the "Korean" context which distinguishes themselves from the "western" style of musical theatre.

Gamugeuk series of SPAC often incorporates elements of Korean folk ritual into their performance. The Kingdom of the Winds: Muhyul (2006), the representative repertoire of SPAC, is an epic about the ancient Korean Dynasty and their four guardian gods. Along with the Gods (2015), one of the most popular gamugeuks of SPAC, is about a mediocre hero's adventure with a lawyer from the underworld in the seven hells. The performance is based on the syncretized religion of Korea: Buddhism, Taoism, and folk religion. Lost Face 1895 (2013) illuminates Empress Myeongseong's life in various perspectives, borrowing the form of haewongut (gut: ritual).

(Written in 2016)

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